Old friends in new places


E has known me since I was six months old. Our close friendship is about twenty years old. He’s my cousin and soulmate, friend and brother I never had. A good guy, clearly.

E is old — younger than me, but old as in “been around, been around me as partner in crime”. Meanwhile, LA is still new, historically and in my life. The Santa Monica Mountains trails are pretty familiar, but still possess the newness to stir up excitement, a sense of exploring and discovering. When Miss Charlie and I disappear from the city into the wilderness just north of the city, it always feels as if we are forging new paths.

And so two worlds came together yesterday when E, visiting from Holland, joined me on the trails. We walked, ran, talked. He and M were amazed to see this raw and lovely bit of nature right there, a short hop north of the city.

It was good.


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