Charlie is here


This is Charlie. She was born in November and joined our home in February. We are just learning what she’s like, while she eats and grows like a rock star. So far we see a sensitive, loyal girl. With other dogs she is fun and playful and fearless – too much so, perhaps. Her mind likes to be active and she will crawl into small, low spaces just because it’s exciting to check them out. She can dig. Recently she discovered her bark, though she is not sure yet when to use it.

She is fast.

In full gallop there is no way any human could keep up. And that’s Charlie at just four months of age. I’m excited to learn how fast and far she will go with us, once the is grown and completely comfortable in her own body.

On the nearby beaches she has made many friends, canine as well as human. Her gentle demeanor and soulful eyes draw in old men, young girls and every one else. Her tail will wag as long as they give her some love.