Move over, depression

Imagine waking up grumpy. I won’t deny it may have happened to me once or twice. (Talk to my sisters, they remember.) Gloomy, slow, pissed off, sad, depressed? Whatever the reason, not to worry! I have known for years now that a run cures all. Well, not all. But much. A little jog, a long trek, a speedy tempo run, it all works.

The Dutch book chapter in which I discuss the piles of research linking exercise and improved moods was called “Smart mice go running”. Not sure now why I dropped that title in the English edition. It would have held up nicely, given today’s news: “Researchers say they have found evidence to support previous research that suggests exercise may reduce symptoms of depression.” Depression in mice, that is. And probably in humans, too.

So I’d say, hit the yoga mat, the boxing gym, the bike path, the water, or the running trail. It feels so good.


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