Finding cool air

Scrappy runners at 10,000 feet

Scrappy runners at 10,000 feet

The heat wave is about the break, but last Sunday it was HOT in LA. It seemed wise to escape. So I got up at 4:30 and hit the road to arrive in Mt. Baldy Village before 7 a.m. and meet the team.

IMG_20140914_090806784(1)I’d run up Baldy last year with Andy, a grueling ordeal. This time we began at a different point. The climb was much steeper. But man, was it worth it. I ran when I could, walked most of the way, lost team mates, lost the trail, kept going up. I passed several parts of a crashed airplane; it turns out it went down in 1949.

On top is was so cool my hands went cold. I think it was in the 50s as LA baked in the upper 90s. Living in LA I’d sort of forgotten I have Raynaud’s disease. But on top my hands got white/yellow-ish as I lost all feeling.

After the photo shoot Andy II (another speedy guy named Andy on Baldy!) and I flew down. We even hit some sub 6:30 miles during the perfect 6-mile descent. Great Sunday.



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