The Boston Marathon is almost here again. It will be sad and great, no doubt. A moment of reflection as well as renewal. I’ve been thinking about everyone impacted, including my friends who were there and who will be there.

Mostly the victims have been on my mind, and it’s amazing to see how their lives have changed since that moment in 2013. CNN’s Anderson Cooper did a terrific job profiling Adrianne Haslet-Davis, who lost her leg that day. Not sure if and when it will be viewable on, Netflix or elsewhere. But please try to see it. A powerful story of perseverance, optimism and love.

In my view Adrianne personifies the joy that Pharrell put into words and sounds, inspiring people to dance and sing around the world. (Check out that link. I promise it’s worth a few minutes.)

Earlier the New York Times published this gripping online production about Jeff Bauman, who lost both his legs. It’s called Beyond the Finish Line and it features work by photographer Josh Haner, who won the Pulizter Prize today. Rightfully so.

Cécile (left), lover of marathons and beer

Eddie (left) and I: Masters of Boston

Monday I’ll be watching again, here in LA, just like last year. And I will remember a great day in April 2010, when Cecile and I had conquered Boston together.


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