Like clockwork in the gym

Keeping a steady pace is challenging. It took me many speedwork sessions with the Flyers, 10Ks, half marathons and loads of patience, just to get it right. But on trails and roads an even pace is but a dream; it really is nearly impossible to run like clockwork.

Pretty speedy

Pretty speedy

A treadmill can help. I don’t love running without moving on a machine. But the Alter-G is still my friend; I can run at 50, 60 % of my body weight without worries. Today I ran a fantastic improvised 5.5 mile workout on speedy, new, featherlight Nike Streak LT (in a patriotic color, no less, with matching fast socks). Breaking it down, I ran this, like clockwork:

1 mile warmup at 10-minute pace

1 mile easy at 9-minute pace

1 miles steady at 8-minute pace

1 mile joyful at sub-7-minute (marathon) pace

Half a mile pretty hard at 6-minute (5K) pace

Quarter mile at 5:30 pace (smiling)

Quarter mile at 5:10 pace (sweating)

Half mile cooldown at 10 minute pace.

Oh, I buried the lead: NO PAIN and GREAT JOY.

Thank you very much.


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