A good old-fashioned run

What a good run looks like

What a good run looks like

God, this feels good. It’s not that I forgot, but feeling a run is quite different from remembering it. The deep breathing. The fast-moving, light feet. The sweat dripping. The other runners smiling and nodding and waving. The arms swinging. The mind roaming. The world moving by at the pace of a decent 5-mile

R U N.

In September I tore my left meniscus. In October I underwent “easy” surgery, which turned  complex once the surgeon was in there. Yesterday I went for my first real run at full gravity. On earth. Outside.

It helped that I put on my trusted Brooks Cascadias in Los Gatos, CA. Hilly and green, this part of the world is just so…pleasant. And warm. I ran in 65 degrees on a rolling trail around sunset. Looking at the weather this winter, I escaped the East Coast just in time. I’m not happy for my friends battling all this cold, snow, rain and misery. But I am happy to have avoided it.

I have written elsewhere that every step is a choice, and every choice has consequences, which, it seems to me, is equally true for every step not taken.

God knows I’ve felt frustrated and mad at times over the past months; cursing those countless steps not taken. But today I stepped in, and up, and forward. My frustration evaporated and I experienced what a good run always brings: pure joy.


3 thoughts on “A good old-fashioned run

  1. I want to raising my arms over my head in a cheer for you…but I’m way too tired from shoveling way too much snow, so you’ll have to be satisfied with a non-arms cheer from afar instead. Enjoy your recovery in comfortable weather!

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