No more ‘Tour de France of ultra running’

The Badwater Ultrumarathon. I know some people who’ve run it. I’ve spoken to two die-hards who won it. Without exception they see it as a crowning achievement in their running lives. In their lives, really. But Badwater is no more, not in its original form.

The LA Times has the story about the move of the world’s über Ultra.

Why people want to conquer 135 miles, a 13,000-foot elevation gain and late July temperatures that soared to 120 degrees and above? Ask them. All I know is they are not happy. From the Times:

Some accuse the government of a “nanny state” overreach. “It’s a disaster,” said five-time Badwater competitor Shannon Farar-Griefer, who said the change would be tantamount to moving the Tour de France finish off the Champs-Elysees. “This is the granddaddy, the premier event. And it’s in one of the greatest places in the world — a place to see where your body can go and where your mind can go.”


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