Hey ’14, I’m ready

A highlight 0f 2013, in New Mexico

A highlight 0f 2013, in New Mexico

This is not a year I’ll miss that much. However, someone I know tells me to KIP: keep it positive. I like the acronym, more so since it means “chicken” in Dutch. In any event, KIP requires me to focus on the good of 2013. Let me think.


No. I know.

No 1 was really discovering Los Angeles, with its sun and blue skies, mellow folks, and amazing running trails everywhere.



Also, getting back on my bike. Not being able to run much, I got my Cannondale Synapse fitted and tuned up. Now I’m spending many hours on it each week, becoming a regular Joop Zoetemelk! (A childhood hero.)

And, I joined the LA TRi Club. Let’s where that roads takes me.

There were connections with new friends and old ones. They helped me get through 2013 in one piece.

I did something instinctively: grab a new situation, not a great one, and view it as a new opportunity. Now I live on the west coast and write for NRC. Not something I would have guessed a year ago.



And finally: the new year has my favorite number, which it is thanks to Johan Cruijff, my favorite soccer player in the universe of all time. Numerical b.s. is not my thing, but as the deep philosopher Cruijff himself once said: coincidence is logical.

So, it makes sense that he wore 14 and that I now have good plans for 2014.

A happy, healthy, peaceful, creative and speedy new year to all!


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