Back fighting

When I feel the sun and breathe the air and move my legs and wipe away the sweat and forget about my phone – that’s when I know I’m working out. It means I am at peace. In motion, and yet still. I need it, and so today was nice: I got back on my Cannondale Synapse for the first time. Starting tentatively, I realized my knee was fine handling the pedaling and pressure. So I rode along the LA River, around the hills of Griffith Park. The steep climb to the top was challenging, but the drop down toward home was a sweet reward.

This morning some dear friends rocked New York City. Tomas, Lauren and many others ran through the city and marked the return of this great New York tradition after last year’s cancellation.

I watched the race on TV and tracked my friends. I thought of last year,  when I ran in the park with my sister and Franny right after Sandy hit. Then I went riding and realized, to quote a running friend who struggled today: “I’m ready to just come back fighting.”

Also, this story made reminded me that any problem I might have is completely irrelevant.


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