Missing NYC, continued

I will miss New York on Sunday. I won’t even be there… But a while ago I did write a very shot, 5-point guide guide to running New York. (It’s in Dutch only, sorry.)

Meanwhile my leg is healing. I have learned that recovery is an upward line, but not a straight one. It dips and declines while it rises. Sort of like this:


Still, this week I was in rural, central Washington for a few stories. One of the projects forced me to walk uphill for 30 minutes, then down. blog1The trail was soft and soggy and beautiful. I thought: if only I could run… Then I did. Short, 50 meter jogs in hiking boots. Minor and challenging. But damn, it felt good to sort of run a little bit.

I’m on my way. Up and up, with downs. And patience is my friend. (Or at least a tolerable acquaintance.)



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