Small steps on two wheels

IMG_3397A wise and kind person I know, who has seen me through this string of miserable little mishaps, tells me often to take small steps. Not literally – although that’s good advice too after knee surgery. She means, I think: let your body heal and adapt. Scale back expectations. Enjoy the incremental healing and recovery. Take it easy. (The latter also being advice my mother often gave me to little avail.)

bike2With all that in mind I proudly rode my Van Moof bicycle for the first time yesterday, just to see a barber and pick up a burrito a few blocks from here. It made me feel like the King of the Road! It’s easy to forget the joy of motion on two wheels in the sun. I now appreciate it again. Small steps. Then today I gathered my courage and got on Tiger. Riding the 800cc to see my physical therapist, I felt like the Emperor of the freeway. Small steps.

Meanwhile I read a lot, with my leg up. This great story reminds me that there is hope and time. I will run that sub 3 42K. And Doug Kurtis will be one of my role models from now on.



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