Musings from a non-runner


French & Dutch in Boston

French & Dutch in Boston

In my book (gotta keep plugging it) and on this blog I have written about the plight of the non-runner. Not the general plight –although that would improve by running– but the dilemmas of those who are married or otherwise attached to the fanatical. Incidentally, I say “fanatical” with loving kindness. I am it, after all.

And so is Cecile, a dear friend and French top runner in any race she enters. I mean that literally, by the way: she finishes in the top-100 of women in the Boston Marathon routinely. Anyway, Cecile is married to a  good man named Christian. And he has written this lovely blog post about being with an obsessive runner.

I think that active and passive ones alike will enjoy it. He captured something essential here:

“I got accustomed to how she runs her schedule, which would become kind of a clock to me. Every day, every day, she will have that hour or more. I learn when those hours are likely to fall and what they mean at the time. I learn what she’s trying to accomplish and I try to put myself in her situation and, when she asks me, dispense advice based on what I’d do. That’s about it. That and ice.”

Thanks for writing this, Chris.




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