Not too old

Can you be too old to run? I don’t think so. Too tired, lazy, injured, weak, uninterested, hungry – yes. But not too old. I recall my grandfather Op Kees jogging deep into this 80s. I see the ancient warriors at races in Central Park, loving the competition as much as the speedy high school students and die-hard ultra-marathoners in their 40s.

And then I read this. And this: “Last year, two large studies, including one in Copenhagen, found that running extends life expectancy by as much as six years.” Yes! But there was a catch: “People who ran 15 to 20 miles, or about two and half hours, per week enjoyed the added years. Those who ran 30 miles or more did not live longer.”

Oh well.

Long flights can be tedious and useless, but my trip to the west coast last week was, in fact, outstanding. I had a rare, long and captivating conversation with my neighbor. And I read some good stuff, including the Wall Street Journal piece about an ancient runner winning his age group in every race he enters.

It was good to enjoy this flight, and to realize that it’s O.K. not to run for a little while. I may be running for another half century, after all.


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