The Brooklyn Run

Along the south side of Prospect Park you have to choose: run with the runners, or run with the horses. I go with our noble four-legged friends. They are faster and better runners, more fun to look at. And they have nice, loose, sandy, well-maintained trails, which I hope they don’t mind sharing with me.

My first Brooklyn run in months was great recently. During the first, slow 5K loop I warmed up and marveled at the meandering lines of bikers clinging on to each other’s wheels on the road, at the fearless inline skaters flying down the hills on tiny wheels, and at the countless runners looping the park and passing me. A Sunday morning in Prospect Park is like a parade. The tattooed hipsters on sneakers, the moms with strollers, the blazing fast Mexicans chatting in Spanish while running a 6-minute pace: Brooklyn life in the fast lane.

The second loop was quick and hot. My feet light, I sped by the horses over their soft sand. My Achilles hurt (another story). But as I focused inward on my stride, breathing, form and speed, I simply loved being back in the sweatiest part of Brooklyn on this hot summer morning.


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