All in the family

ImageHere’s something I never thought I would write: we are becoming a family of runners. Of athletes. Of hard-core, hot-weather dudes and chicks. And it’s cool.

Earlier this week I did 5 miles on mild hills with a new motley crew. My friend/cousin/brother/personal GP Eric runs with me whenever we are in the same country. It’s always special when we work out together. My niece Vera has been running for a while, staying the course and staying in shape. Her brother Marijn is new to running. But after an epic open-sea swim with me just the day before he was up for 5 miles, too. Then, to our collective amazement, their father Marinus-Jan joined in for this mid-day run in Italy. My guess is the thermometer reached about 32 degrees as we plowed ahead.

All this after a nice run with Dorine, my sister, when she was here last week. She, too, has grown into a confident jogger, setting a terrific example for her young children. To them, “Mom” equals “runner” now.

My late grandfather Opa Kees (the First Runner among us) used to say he could not be proud of me, or anyone else, for that matter. He did enjoy seeing us play, work out, learn and grow. It often made him happy, he said.

And that’s what I felt running with my sporty teenage niece and nephew, as we ran alongside the gentle stream here in the Maritime Alps. I can only conclude that the kids will be all right.




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