Going long

Here comes the sun

Here comes the sun

There is something fundamentally lonely and deeply satisfying about getting out with the first light. No one seems to be awake yet. It’s just the rooster next door, the rabbits on the trail, and me.

Leaving a little after 6 a.m. this Sunday morning I had to hurry to meet my Trail Runners Club, about 5 miles from here. Straight up, a steep downhill, then I found them. It was up and up and up from there, with a couple of fast guys (let them go quickly) and a new guy, whose pace I could manage. Outstanding views, air, pace, camaraderie. Back at the meeting point I drank, and headed up and up and up again for the 5 miles home. Now the sun was burning and the hikers were out. Feeling a bit sluggish, and happy, I made it back home, enjoying an epic second breakfast on the deck. (One of the perks of long-distance running: you can basically eat whatever, whenever.)

It was a good long training run while Andy Murray did his thing in London. About 3.5 hours on my feet, of which 3 hours of actual running. 19 miles. 2 liters of Tail Wind energy drink from the pack on my back; it’s my new favorite. And a great way to start the day.

Well above the clouds in the west

Well above the clouds in the west


2 thoughts on “Going long

  1. So glad I found your blog D! Love reading where you’re running and getting inspired. Happy summer from hot and humid Brooklyn!


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