Nice day for running and equal rights

The Supremes could have hurried up and announced this on Monday. I would have liked my birthday to be ‘historic’ for more than one reason. But fine, they waited until today, and so June 26 will be remembered as the day of a key rights victory.

While running about 10 miles –an amazing route with perfect trails and views– I thought of my friends Daniel, Johnny, Michael and others who are now one step closer to the simple idea of real equality. I also realized that this way of accepting and codifying bottom-up social change is one reason to love the United States. Americans are not afraid to change. It may be messy, loud and painful. But they do it often en well. For all its faults, the U.S. is at its best when challenged., in my view. That’s what June 26 showed me.

Looking at Los Angeles

Looking at Los Angeles

Anyway, back to important things. My run! I have always liked California. Living and running here I am liking it even more. And today I actually love it, because I can run and stop to see the clouds battle the sun right where the Pacific ends. But more so because everyone who so chooses can get married in about 25 days.


One thought on “Nice day for running and equal rights

  1. Hey Diederik, Christine from Runner’s World magazine here–my colleague passed me an essay you’d written a while back about your injuries. Do you want to email me and maybe we can set up a time to talk next week? Have a good weekend, Chris

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