What’s in a Dutchman?

photoWhen I’m not running I sometimes drink. Rather, running like a madmen allows me to drink. Sometimes. Moderately.

Anyway, the other day I found myself in a cool Hollywood locale called Mozza, where I tried hard to look like Paul Bettany. The drink menu offered a drink I couldn’t not order: The Dutchman! So the standoffish barman made me a Dutchman, which sounds weird, while my companion got a Gold Rush.

We toasted to The Dutchman, which was nice. I appreciated the jenever, Holland’s national go-to aperitif. I tried to like it. I drank some more. But then, sadly, I had to conclude The Dutchman didn’t live up to the expectations at all. As my friend Daniel might say: that’s what she said.

The Gold Rush was much more interesting, its taste richer and spicier. So let’s face it: the Dutch spirit called jenever is bland and boring compared to American bourbon.

Still: proost!

Not impressed by the Dutchman

Not impressed by the Dutchman


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