Baby finishes strong


The birth of a child may be a miracle, or simply a brutally painful function of biology. I have no experience in the matter. Either way, I generally believe it is a story best kept between mother, child, and father. However, the way Lauren Fleshman tells that story is fantastic. During my run this morning I was still grinning about it.

Fleshman is not only a top runner but also a wonderful writer; her blog “Ask Lauren Fleshman” is one of my favorites.

No doubt she will a cool mother to little Judge. She surely gave him a running start with this excellent race report: “Tiny Baby Completes First Race.” Key passage: “Jude was super psyched to finally finish his first race 100% healthy and happy. Though there were no other witnesses, his father swore he heard him say “Booyah” as he crossed the finish line.”



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