Hiding in the fog

Sunday’s 7 a.m. run in the Malibu mountains was gorgeous. The views were expansive and striking. Greens en greys mixed with the blue of the sky. Animals were all around us.

That’s what I have to assume, at least.

My first run with the Trail Runners Club in Los Angeles, a cool group of hard-core trail runners, took place in unusual weather. Unusual for me, anyway. A thick fog hung over us like a soggy blanket, for all 14 miles. Running with Tommy and Andrew, who kindly let me follow in their footsteps, I wasn’t really able to see further than 100 yards. Mostly, it was about 100 feet.

It’s interesting to not see while you run. Like Andrew said, it forces you inward. The other senses kick in. I heard and felt more as we climbed a brutal mountain whose trail seemed unending. Jumping over rock formations and flying down the hill on the other side I watched my feet –a good thing– and focused on our conversation, instead of the invisible beauty around us.


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