Don’t mess with the cactus

Running is a teacher. Today I learned about respect for plants. Not in a green, environmentalist kind of way, though in Santa Fe there is great respect for nature.

The problem was that I ran over a quiet, sandy trail and didn’t think I needed to pay attention. The path was flat and well maintained. Small, innocent looking plants were growing in the middle of the trail, too low for me to see. Minding my own business I brushed against one –by accident.


Mean bastard

Within minutes a strange, sharp pain at the side of my right foot forced me to stop. Dozens of small needles were sticking in my shoe, finding a way through my sock into my foot.


After gently pulling them out (no blood) I went back to photograph the culprit. Lessons learned: always pay attention to your feet, and do not mess with the cactus.