A win

I recall reading about the secret of winning marathons: don’t mind the snot. The winners of races, apparently, go so deep into their pain and desire to win that they stop caring about how they appear to others. He or she who can handle the most pain and snot will win, basically.

I thought of this last Sunday when I WON A RACE! I am not normally prone to using exclamation marks and caps, let alone bold-faced caps. But come on, my first win ever, at this age!!! It took some serious snot and other unpleasantness – by which I mean good old happy pain – but of course it was worth it.

The Liz Padilla memorial 5K was, once again, a wonderful little race in Prospect Park. I was happy to run in it, after watching, crippled, a year ago. I was proud to celebrate my first win there. Of course, I am not letting go of this trophy, ever.

(My Dutch column on the unlikely victory is here at ProRun.nl.)


3 thoughts on “A win

  1. Proud of you!
    I remember the article and was looking for it the other day. It was in the NYT, written by Gretchen Reynolds, I think.

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