DVH, DNF but healthy-ish

This is during last Sunday’s Lehigh Valley Marathon:Imageand afterward:

If I look slightly dejected in number 2 that’s because I was. The day was perfect, the course amazing, the race small and well-organized, the sun shining and my heart strong after 18 months of no marathon running. But after a smooth and fast half my injured lower left side started acting up. I stepped out around mile 20, my first DNF on the 26.2.

No regrets, though. Sometimes it’s better to feel disappointed and healthy-ish than the alternative. In fact, I feel that’s an excellent excuse.


Oh, and my new Dutch column on the race.


2 thoughts on “DVH, DNF but healthy-ish

  1. You did your best and found a way to avoid injury: no excuse needed! There will be other marathons and runs and races. You have only one body. I’m proud of you, my running friend.

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