Doing good, doing well

Now this is why JackRabbit has been and continues to be my favorite running store, period. I’m no longer running New York. I find the cost, the masses, the agonizing wait in the cold November morning, the crowds that slow you down unbearable. But some of my closest friends are ING New York City Marathon runners and I will enjoy supporting them. Now they have a place to drop off a bag. In case you missed it: ‘New York’ decided to stop providing the pre-race bag check and post-race pick-up which almost every major marathon provides. The organizers did this after 45,000 runners registered and paid their dues. Hmmm. Needless to say, a debate among runners –never shy about their opinions– ensued. Anyway, glad that JackRabbit is jumping in.

Speaking of New York City. I have been studying my most even race in New York (2010). It was not my fastest; I did that a month earlier in Amsterdam. But I ran well and kept an even pace. I want to remember and repeat, very soon. But let me shut up and not jinx it.

For your enjoyment and education, though, this on Paul Ryan. As for fast politicians generally, Slate has this terrific illustration. Unrelated, check out this (repeat hat tip) wonderful running blog. And, completely unrelated to anything but joy and inspiration, this.

Finally, my latest on is here.


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