Impressed by a watchmaker

Last year my beloved Timex 150 lap Ironman watch had a small problem. A running friend told me to mail it to the company. Sceptically, I did. A brief time later, it came back, fixed, no questions asked, with an $8 bill for shipment. Nice, I thought. That’s customer service.

Last month, that same dark blue watched quit on me after two years of intensive use. Oddly, none of the four side buttons responded anymore. I was mad. This watch was supposed to withstand a lot, designed as it was for very rough conditions.

My scepticism mounting, I mailed it in again, expecting to never hear from Timex again.

Last week a brand new watch arrived, along with my old, unrepairable watch. The bill: $8.66 for shipping. No questions asked, once again, about a new watch which retails for $64.95.

I don’t like to ‘plug’ corporations here. But I have to say Timex has impressed me twice now, with amazing customer service. I’m sticking with these guys. Just as I stick with the i Brooklyn branch of JackRabbit. People who know what they are doing, who help customers and are easy to deal with: it should be commonplace, but it is not, of course.

Anyway, thank you, Timex! Excellent work.

And here’s my latest Dutch column.


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