A sporty sister

Two ladies

After finishing a new column on shoes and adventures in the American West, I was  excited to run with my visiting sister in New York this past weekend. She is a relatively new runner. And she gets it. As we made our way through the remote Red Hook neighborhood along the water, with views of the city and the Statue of Liberty, I could see her form and stride. They were relaxed and good. On my favorite 400m track near the mega Ikea in Brooklyn we did a few loops at tempo pace. She didn’t complain, despite the heat and last night’s alcohol intake.

She mentioned that recently she told her young daughter about going for a run, after tucking the girl in. The little one had showed signs of annoyance: ‘I know mom. You always go running.’ What a great sign: the children grow up seeing their parents be active and outside, keeping their bodies and minds in shape, increasing their life expectancy and expanding their brain activity with every run.

I’m happy and proud of my healthy, sporty little sister. Check her out.


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