Silly shoes

ImageThere is exactly one way to get and stay in shape: do the work. Run, bike, swim, play, stretch, run some more. This seems somewhat obvious. But of course people want quick solutions, easy answers and magical tools, getting fit without doing the work. How wonderful. Actually. no. But looking around on American streets it seemed that a company named Sketchers was able to tap into that deep wish for quick, painless health. All you had to do was wear the silly-looking shoes and you’d lose weight and get in tip-top shape.

It always sounded ridiculous and deceptive, and now Sketchers has agreed that, indeed, it is. Just like Reebok did recently, the company has agreed to pay 40 million dollars in a settlement. It ‘s supposed to being comfort to the ‘victims” who bought the ugly sneakers.

ImageIt’s nice that common sense prevailed. Still, I feel that the buyers of these shoes, not the seller, should suffer. Their punishment? The realization that they need to do the work. On normal athletic shoes.

Oh, and my new column! Thanks, as always, for reading. Now go run.


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