To run like him

The other day I was thinking about Micah True, a.k.a. Caballo Blanco. I am translating my book, and in the part about Chistopher McDougal, Born to Run, running long and lightly, I talk about meeting Micah in a New York City running store. A gentle man he was, a gentle soul, very strong and kind. This is what I wrote about that encounter:

Exhibit 1 is the Tarahumara, a Mexican tribe mostly living deep in quiet canyons, which McDougall visited and ran with. They are super distance runners, wearing only slippers. They lead simple, healthy lives, I later learned from Caballo Blanco, a restless guy from Colorado who figures prominently in McDougall’s book. Caballo is a small, tough man with a weathered face and a smile that appears to cover his entire face. His real name is Micah True, he tells a small crowd of obvious hard-core runners at a running store in New York one spring night. True speaks the way he runs: improvising, feeling his way, and long.

McDougall said it simply and beautifully in a tweet: “caballo had the only funeral he would have wanted: his friends spent days running in the wilderness in his honor.”



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