On God and running shoes

My Volkskrant colleague, friend, co-columnist and die-hard runner Rolf Bos is at it again, in Jerusalem this time. Click here now for the most reliable –probably the only– running news from the Middle East! (‘Running in God’s City’ is the headline, summing it all up.) Amusing stories of the much-ignored point where the world’s great religions and running meet…

Meanwhile, some new research as reported in The New York Times to feed the sometimes fiery debate about going barefoot versus keeping on your sneakers. I maintain a neutral position; please make up you own minds. All I know is that I like light and minimalist shoes. But I do keep them on.

My most recent running column is here.

Happy running to all, as spring has arrived in Holland and New York. (Prospect Park is a happy madhouse these days, filled with blossoms and screaming kids.)


One thought on “On God and running shoes

  1. D. can’t wait to run with you in PP! I liked very much the NYT column. I’ve tried Vibram but went back to minimal shoes like the Adios. That’s the optimal solution for me.

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