Finding the lightness again

In my book I compare running well with flying low. The flow of a good run can feel like gliding; being in permanent motion just off the ground. I stole this idea from an inspiring and appropriately titled collection of running stories, How Running Changed My Life.

These days I am reminded of the metaphor of flight as I am finally, really running again. Then foot has healed, more or less. My back issues are gone, basically. I have a few pairs of new shoes, returning to Brooks. I am working on my core, strength and balance with therapist Brian Gurney at BeFit, a terrific new place in New York for athletes and anyone else needing some help getting strong and healthy.

As I now live in Brooklyn I explore the Red Hook waterfront and Prospect Park slowly, wandering through neighborhoods known and new. I’m reminded of the power of running. As my body works with some hesitation still, I experience the quiet of the run. There is peace in the movement.

Last Tuesday I met my fast friends for a run in Central Park; my first decent workout with them since last July. Running with (behind) them I realized the past seven months had been lonely in some ways. I only kept their punishing pace for a couple of miles, slowing down and catching my breath in between. I’ll need more time to recover and regain my power. But surrounded by the trees, the runners and the skyline I felt happy.

Here is my new column about the same theme: returning to lightness. And check out a Dutch radio interview about my book.

Meanwhile, it looks like perfect running weather in New York this weekend.


2 thoughts on “Finding the lightness again

  1. I’m so happy you’re back running! Enjoy those moments, when you simply enjoy moving again and you’re not taking the ability to run for granted.

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