New feet in Brooklyn

As I’m easing my way back into running I simply want to wish all a happy year in running and life. On my new right foot I’m mostly exploring my new neighborhood and its surroundings in Brooklyn these days. It’s urban, raw, windy and fun.

Earlier this week I tried to run hard at speedwork with the Flyers in Central Park. The freezing wind was bracing. Winter! My speedy buddy Chris and I both lost all feeling in our right hands. It was a reminder of why I love and sometimes fear running.

I say new foot because it has changed and grown slightly. My left used to be the bigger foot. Now the fixed right one fits a little more snugly in the sneaker. But I can land and push off safely and strongly without compensating, almost like the old days.

My third running life is, once again, taking shape in Brooklyn. It makes me happy to be out there, finding peace along the water overlooking downtown Manhattan, or in Prospect Park with the baby strollers and geese.

Here is my new column. In it I once again talk about writing and reading about running, focusing on Haruki Murakami’s great work. Immodestly, I also mention the magazine article in the Volkskrant, which lead to my book. I’ve been meaning to post the magazine piece, as people sometimes ask about it. Here it is; they open as PDF documents. I wasn’t crazy about the photos and I feel Nike owes me some cash, or at least running gear, for them. Regardless, it was a fun project.

From the Saturday magazine in the Volkskrant, October 31, 2009: lopen1 lopen2 lopen3


5 thoughts on “New feet in Brooklyn

  1. Happy feet, D.! Your post reminded me that I read Murakami’s book, your gift, while grounded because of a nasty cold in Cape Cod. I couldn’t run so I read about running.

  2. The funny thing is that Dana Lixenberg is considered a well known and respected photographer here in the Netherlands (and abroad) and generally I love her work. But I have to admit it: it’s not a flattering photo of you or otherwise remarkable. Next time I’m in New York (yes, I’ll be there this year for my first NYC marathon!) I’ll swing by and make a smashing picture of you! O god, the pressure… 😉
    The book of Murakami is amazing indeed, I loved to read the part about the suffering and that you have a choice in the matter, rather than feeling a victim by it. Very Japanese by the way! If you’re in to it, I can also recommend the mind work of Peter Ralston, especially his books about consciousness (great to hear him talk about honesty, for example: I mean, how many people a REALLY honest about their running…?

  3. Good to read that you are getting back into your running stride!
    And on the photo: I just noticed your great running legs, nice little quad showing just above the knee! She caputered those, be happy!

  4. BTW The comment was made by Brenda on our joint WordPress account!

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