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In my new Dutch running column, I sort of imitate (or steal from) David Brooks of the New York Times. His annual Sidney Awards are annual recommendations of good, interesting, awe-inspiring magazine articles. In the same spirit I have suggested three excellent running stories from 2011.


Runner’s World did an amazing piece on Frank Shorter’s past as an abused child. I was touched by the courage, honesty and spirit of Shorter, the father of the modern running boom.

Grete Waitz was a legend, of course. George Hirsh remembered her in The New York Times. It was, in my view, a lovely tribute to Waitz, New York, and running.


Then there’s Buzunesh Deba, a lightning fast woman from Ethiopia living in the Bronx. She has chosen to live and run with us, regular people and runners in New York. Her competitiors may choose altitude, elite training camps, all that. Not Deba. She placed second at the ING NYC Marathon this year, and won the L.A. Marathon in the spring

And your humble blogger? I am running, slowly and carefully. My foot is getting better, tiny bits every day. Last weekend I pushed myself a bit during the Ted Corbitt 15K in Central Park. It was slow and painful. But it felt good to be back out there with the rest of you running fools.

Merry Christmas. Go for a run.


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