Loops (and loops) in Brooklyn

Brooklynite John Paul Montes wins it in 2:43

An excellent inaugural Brooklyn Marathon, last Sunday. Watching the runners do loop after loop in Prospect Park, I felt slightly envious. But mostly it was fun to see the runners and the sparse if excited support. It was also cool to run a loop (a little over 3 miles) at 7:30 pace with my friend Tomas. He is a machine, as readers of this blog know. Yesterday he ran his second marathon in two months, looking relaxed and fast as always. Another 3:10. BAM! Second in his age group, 12th finisher.

Here’s a good impression of the race. Nice quote: “I prayed for this day,” he said, beaming. “A marathon in Brooklyn!” I plan to be there in 2012.

By the way, earlier that day I took my first pilates class in Brooklyn. It was good. I’ll write more about yoga when I know more. Sunday morning I felt helpless and clumsy, a beginner hardly worthy of the ratty mat I was on.


2 thoughts on “Loops (and loops) in Brooklyn

  1. I can hear Tomas’s voice when I read the quote! A new classic. 3h10 two weeks after the NYC marathon. He is a running machine.

  2. T didn’t actually say that. It was from the story I linked to. Still, he could have said it.

    Correction: he ran two fast marathons in 2 WEEKS, not 2 months!

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