Yes I can

So I am running again. Very slowly, tentatively and carefully. Brief distances, just two or three miles, light steps, with stretching and lunges in between. But I am running. The foot is not like it used to be, it’s still healing. My endurance is gone. My legs are protesting.

Running a good marathon in Amsterdam, a year ago. Because memories of speedier times cheer me up

But being outside yesterday, cruising down the Riverside Park trails which I love, I felt happy. Sweaty, slow, exhilarated, and happy, all at once.

After three short runs in three days I am resting today. Let’s just say that I am not back yet, but on the way.

My new Dutch column is here. Have a great weekend, my speedy and not so speedy friends. The weather in New York begs for running…


5 thoughts on “Yes I can

  1. Yes you can. This post makes me happy! Take it day by day, run by run: slow now but one day you’ll be back at top speed.

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