He’ll go sub-3

In my book, which my good friend Eddie cannot read, I talk about the excellent competition I have with him. We have run countless miles together since we met at speedwork in Central Park in 2009. Having a like-minded runner to push me and to push, to challenge and be challenged by, made me better, faster and more determined. It also made him run a sub 3:10, finally. You’re welcome.

When he was still faster...

Who is faster? Depends on who you ask. I’ll let our marathon PRs speak for themselves. (Eddie, the comment section is yours.) But I am worried. My 3:03 in Amsterdam stands, but I wonder for how long.

When I saw Eddie and our speedy friend Gordon last week, Eddie looked sharp. Eager and ready, well-trained and injury-free. I think he’ll go well under 3 next week at the ING New York City Marathon.

I hope he will. The haiku he wrote in 2010 (Finished ahead of / Diederik van Hoogstraten / 26.2 miles) needs to be true once again. And if it will, I will be pushed upon my return to running to give meaning what I wrote in my book: ‘My poetic running friend has only underlined the goal at the top of my wish list: beating him at the 42 195 meters.’

Good tapering to all my friends. And here’s my new Dutch column.

P.S. My motorcycle is for sale. Anyone?


2 thoughts on “He’ll go sub-3

  1. I fully expect Eddie to absolutely crush 3 hours on Sunday. But if you think he talks a lot of trash NOW about how fast and strong he is… Love your blog Diederick. I really liked that one post with the pictures you took at daybreak of Central Park as you ran. Hope you heal soon!

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