Our man in Jerusalem runs, too

Instead of boring readers with the fact that, no, I am still not running since I am still recovering even though I dream of running almost every night, I will make a promise. My first run will be celebrated at length and in detail on this blog. Until then, let us assume I am not running. (Insert choice expletive here.)

At times, this makes me feel like a fraud; I have a running book, a running blog, and a Dutch running column on ProRun.nl. Yet I do not and cannot run! But I think, and hope, that I still have enough to say and ask and wonder, all related to running and sports.

Our man in Jerusalem

Exciting news: I have brought my friend and colleague Rolf Bos (of the Volkskrant newspaper) on board at ProRun. Rolf is a long-time runner, a former sports reporter, and the founding editor of the late, excellent running magazine 42. This guy helped me a great deal when I began running again. He pushed me to write about it. And now he’ll write a fortnightly Friday column from Jerusalem, where he serves as the paper’s excellent correspondent. On alternate Fridays I will still write my column from New York. We’ll ask each other questions and write to each other, which will hopefully lead to some decent, mildly interesting writing about running.

Here is his first column. Rolf explains how running in hilly, very hilly Jerusalem is slowing him down, but how it also seems to keep him injury free. It is it the altitude, he asks, or is the city holy indeed? I’ll go into that next week.


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