Read my friend

This was not a swim, Cecile says

My friend Cecile Daurat-Thompson is an amazing runner. I have argued it before on this blog and elsewhere. But I urge all to read her blog. Cecile wrote a wonderful piece about her first ultra marathon. My admiration for her writing and her race are not just rooted in our 14-year friendship, but also in facts and experience.

Last year I ran a 50K in 3:56, but that was on slightly rolling, paved hills – it was raining and windy, but there were no rivers to cross, there was no mud to sink into. And the 50K trail ultra I did in the summer of 2010 was on dry paths. It took me close to 5 hours. (In my defense, I did break my hand halfway through).

In any event, Cecile continues to be an inspiration and motivation. I write about such people – the runners who inspire me – in my new column on ProRun.

I wish all runners along the unusually warm and sunny east coast a great weekend. Sunday is the Steamtown Marathon, which I had planned to run, and run fast. I am only just walking  again, so I won’t be there. But Dave: sub 3!


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