My right foot

Today I wonder: do people realize how GOOD it is to walk in two normal running shoes, including one on the right foot?!

I do. After almost two months of no running and five weeks in a pathetic huge awkward post-op boot, I am back on my feet. No quite light and quick on my feet, as I like to be. But I am back, walking and stretching and enjoying the miracle that is walking. On two healthy feet.

Here’s my short, new running column, which will show readers that 9/11 has been on my mind heavily. No wonder, for I have been talking and writing about it for weeks. Let me just wish everyone a good, safe weekend, although it will be tough weekend for many friends, especially in New York.

And let me include a column in the Volkskrant (PDF) about 9/11 art, a column by a friend who wrote an amazing play, and my story about Tim Geraghty (PDF), a special guy who gracefully allowed me to share his incredible story.


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