New column, great running website

Although I am still not running during this summer of my discontent, I did write a new running column about the ongoing debate: minimalism vs traditional, more supportive shoe. I link to an interesting interview with the expert (and barefoot runner) Daniel Lieberman. Nice title: ‘Born, and Evolved, to Run.’

Editor Rob Pauel is doing a great job with ProRun, the website that runs my fortnightly columns. It’s a helpful, interesting platform for runners of all levels and ages in Holland and Belgium. Great deals on shoes and gear, as well. Check it out some time.

Happy running to all, and good luck in the Bronx to those of my running friends who will try to beat Irene. You’re crazy. A good crazy.

(Here’s me running on a pretty bad rainy day with running legend Chris. It can be done.)


One thought on “New column, great running website

  1. As I can not react on the prorun site, let me react here on the “U bent een superduurloper. Serieus.” article and specifically on “Maar al in 2004 legde Lieberman in het wetenschappelijke toptijdschift Nature 2004 uit dat ‘mensen geboren zijn om hard te lopen’. We zijn ‘fantastische duurlopers, zelfs vergeleken met honden en paarden’.” (humans are born for running, we are fantastic long distance runner even compared with dogs and horses).

    Although humans are good long distance runners it is not because we are that efficient, it is that human have a superior cooling system called sweating, something that at least dogs miss. Humans burn more energy than other mammals of the same weight when running.

    The reason humans maybe have a preference for landing heel first is that at least for walking it is for more efficient then heel slightly raised (so it doesn’t contact the ground) and up on tip-toes, search for “Human’s heel first gait is efficient for walking”. For running there was no difference between the runners’ efficiencies when they ran with flat feet and up on their toes.

    So if it is not for efficiency, it will probably not help in speed or distance. I like to wear shoes to protect my feet just like we wear cloths. If they should be minimal? I run mostly in the city, so streets which are harder then you typically find in the nature, so some additional cushioning is I think helpful.

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