Running envy

As my foot slowly heals I have nothing much to report. I watch fellow runners with envy. Strangers in parks, on beaches and on the streets. But particularly my girlfriend, sister, friends, team mates. Oh, to run again! Well, just a few more weeks, I am told.

Still on my feet, with my niece Anika helpfully holding the cane she doesn't really feel I need

In my book I write about a lifestyle and attitude that my Mom has often commented on: a boundless, fast, energetic way of being and moving. I was that way as a kid, with the soccer fields and stairs of our house as places to express my physical self. Then I lost it for several decades. Running helped me to rediscover that attitude, and it fit like a glove. Now I have to live differently. I have discovered the gym, and the power of a good trainer. And as those closest to me remind me: it is temporary, just a glitch, and I will be back soon enough, hopefully stronger and healthier.

Here are some thoughts in Dutch.

Happy running! And thanks for reading.


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