Kind of like House

Troubled, sure, but cool

Greg House may not be exactly the best role model. I know, he is impossible, cynical, a-moral at times, harsh, troubled, and an addict. Still, he is smart, funny and just cool.

I feel that the cane contributes to the coolness. Of course, I believe this in part because I am currently walking with a cane. (It is a cheap boring silver-colored one. I looked for one painted like my motorcycle, just as House’s is, but could not find a Ducati-style cane.)

Dr. Sid Sharma operated on my foot today. After weeks of not running, after different treatments, icing, elevation, doctor’s visits, second en third and fourth opinions, this was the way to go. The surgery on the fractured forefoot went well. Quick and easy. Now I just need to take it easy, which is much harder than it sounds. In a few weeks I’ll be back on the trails.

Oh, I was awake for the entire procedure, which was crazy and interesting. Full report to follow, along with the pictures that several nurses took for me with their phones.

As I try to stay in shape in the gym I am missing the Queens Half and several other races. I am skipping the fast Steamtown Marathon, a tough decision. I may be able to run New York in November, not likely though.

But first: showing off my cane in public.

(My new Dutch column is here.)


2 thoughts on “Kind of like House

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your foot surgery. But I am sure, it’s best for the long-run (no pun intended :). I totally understand how you must feel these days/weeks, having sprained my right ankle from the Ragnar Relay in UT last month. I pulled all ligaments of my ankle and have not been able to run for the pat 7 weeks, yike! If’s any consolation to you; fractured bones heal faster than the ligament injuries. Hang in there and you’ll be running healthier and faster before you know it!

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