The answer is yes

On June 23 I wondered here: ‘Will there be new PRs?’ On June 25, I ran a 30:50 on the 5M, and on June 26 I followed up with a 30:40 on the same distance, a 6:08 pace.

Fast friends after speedwork in Central Park

Not a bad way to begin a new year, as I’m inching toward my mid-forties. It felt good to finally get a handle of the 5 miles, a distance which, until now, had felt like the marathon. That is, I was trying, studying, thinking and generally doing my best. But I was not getting it, not truly understanding it. I write in my new Dutch column that the 26M and the 5M are like a woman to me: possibly impossible to ever truly know. But that’s no reason to stop trying.

Happy 4th of July. Time for a run.


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