Starting with a Maserati

Amazing day in Central Park, Saturday morning. Leonard Patrick Komon won $45,000 for his superb 27:35. Not a bad first visit to New York City. Friends of mine ran PRs. The weather, the mood, all was good and well.

I was lucky to start 5 second behinds Komon and the elite guys he beat. In my column I explain how it feels to take off with the best of the best. You are a beetle, as in: the old VW car. They are a Maserati. And that’s how it feels to run a 6 minute mile (which I had never thought of as slow) while they go out at 4:19 pace.

Good bye!

Photo courtesy of Richard Brounstein / The New York Flyers

I (41) finished 13 minutes behind Komon (23). Just not having a great day.

My Dutch column about the race is here. Good English race report here.

Oh, and someone tell the tall guy to stop waving at the photographer. Might shave a few seconds off his time.


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