Do it yourself

Whenever I speak to friends who have written books we all agree: Book promotion is no easy feat. In the U.S. or Holland or where ever. And it comes down to you, the author. (Unless your name is Karnazes, or Franzen, maybe.) So here we go: my book is definitely still available!

Further amusing thoughts on the dilemmas and angst of the author, here from The New Yorker, and here in a brilliant video.

Meanwhile the New York City Half Marathon was good to me, finally. I had tried to tackle that race twice. In 2009 the heat got me (1:34) and in 2010 I dropped out after 6 miles, a depressing DNF on the biggest stage… This time I got it after a long winter of serious training: a 1:23 PR. Happy days.

Taking New York


2 thoughts on “Do it yourself

  1. Dear Diederik,
    I know all about it! I published two books myself, and it’s just a lot of work that seems not getting anywhere. You don’t see any really tangible results, so it’s hard to keep motivated. For what it’s worth: I read your book recently and loved it! I’m training for the NYC marathon in 2012 and just today had my first interval training at the tracks of Daventria. I’m getting in the same spot where you were two, three years ago: really getting in to running for the first time. I’m also born in 1969, is it the midlife thing? Should I also buy a motorcycle? 😉 Anyway, I think you wrote a beautiful book, and I just ordered the books from McDougall and Murakami. Keep it up!

  2. Many thanks for your feedback and kind words, Rob! I would probably stay from the motor cycle. But glad to hear you are running. See you in NYC 2012; the marathon here is unlike anything you will ever see or do…

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