Trails trails trails

For a few winters now, my legs and back are letting me know to GET BACK ON THE TRAILS when we hit March. As the ground freezes some time in December, and snow and ice cover my favorite trails in New York’s parks, I am forced to run all my miles on pavement and asphalt, for months. The body does not like it. But I avoid the gym and its treadmills like the plague. The payoff for choosing fresh air every time is accepting the unforgiving road surface.

So when the sun comes and the temperature rises and the trails become accessible again, joy conquers me. Running lightly on the bouncy dirt feels like a massage. The impact is so much less severe on the knees, hips and back.

Speaking of trails, here is a great piece by Christopher McDougall. He argues against expensive mass marathons, and for low-key trail ultras. My favorite part: “No one will urinate on you from the upper span of the Verrazano Bridge, and you won’t shiver for hours in a corral before the starting gun. Everyone charges off as equals, Braveheart-style.”

Meanwhile, I wrote this column in Dutch. A small race, too. But on the road, sadly.

Have a great weekend everyone, bouncing around on trails and grass, I hope.


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