Keeping it real

Running with Eddie, as usual

Although my book has been out for a while, reviews and responses keep trickling in. Here is a decidedly mixed one from NUSport, an excellent sports magazine I sometimes write for in Holland. (By the way, the reviewer had the good sense to lavish praise on the cover shot by my dear friend Trevor.) In a blog entry for the New York Flyers, my running team, I go into some of the fallout from De rennende Hollander.

As for the 50K road race on March 6, my second ultra: it was cold, it rained, my legs hurt. Yet I was quite content with an average mile pace of 7:30. Not too shabby for a long run  pre-NYC half and pre-Gansett Marathon. Also, I did not break my hand or anything else. Boring.

I got my sweet niece Vera a pair of Sauconys when she visited New York, and we ran together in Central Park and Riverside Park. How cool is that? Very. Check her out, pre-run in my apartment, and post-run with me on the High Line in Manhattan.


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