Running away from time

Why stop when you're still smiling?

The crowd at Thursday’s New York Road Runner’s Club Night at the Hard Rock Cafe got louder as the night wore on. Alcohol may have played a role. But more importantly, the crowd showed respect for the amazing and inspiring  runners over 70, even 80 years old. These ladies and gentlemen bounced on to the stage to accept their awards. I see them in Central Park all the time, moving at a brisk pace, visibly enjoying the air, the light, the speed, life itself. Age –and the effects of aging– do not seem to bother them. Thursday night they showed how running does keep you young, as the ever-interesting Well Blog of the Times explains.

My strong and fast friend Christine got nominated for a Freddie Award. She would have deserved to win; she is a runner of the year. Chris embodies what winners are made of; as I wrote earlier, she has helped me a great deal in my own running.

Finally, my new Dutch column, about staying young through running, is up.

The weekend is here. I’m with the First Lady: let’s move.


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