Getting high, and other reading

One way to get high

It’s been too long! Other things, like running, have been keeping me busy… Let me just point out some writing on running.

First of all, The New York Times’ wonderful and always informative Well Blog has some new thoughts on the running high. I’ll point this out to my pot-smoking friends, who might as well put on their sneakers and save some money if they no longer need to purchase cannabis to get that special feeling.

Second, I feel they are finally coming to their senses in Boston. This might a good way to bring in runners who deserve to be there. Like me! Yes, I am one of the big losers this year, having missed the 8-hour window to sign up last October.

Then there is Dean Karnazes, whom I was once lucky enough to run and talk with (at the same time!) I find this hard to believe but he says writing is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration to him. Regardless, his previous two book were very good, I thought. Have not yet looked at the new one, but will, and so might you.

Finally, my new Dutch column is up.

Happy running, have a great weekend!


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