A little snow

Broadway, New York, December 26, 2010

A blizzard is not necessarily the ideal time to run. Especially a blizzard with thunder and lightning, which is what came over New York Sunday night. The next day, however, is perfect. It’s all about the layers, the trail shoes, the two pairs of socks and ditto gloves.

The unplowed streets were calmer than I have seen them in my years here. Dogs, kids and sleds ruled. After helping to push a few cars (pointlessly) I hit the park. I tried running on the Bridle Path alongside the cross country skiers. This turned into a brutal 5-minute session of ‘high knees’, as the snow was –yes– knee high.

Surprisingly, the roads in the park had been swept. It was crisp, cold, windy and lovely running for 8 miles on the thin lawyer of snow. The trick is to run lightly and watch where you’re going. Focus and move swiftly, while you feel the ground and trust your feet. It was a bit like running on loose sand. But going barefoot seemed like a bad idea.

Central Park, December 27, 2010

West 91 St, New York, December 27, 2010


2 thoughts on “A little snow

  1. Wowowow!

    I guess almost the same amount of snow we have here in Germany now, too.
    But your streets look a way cooler;)

    Hope you are doing well, partner?:)

    Sending you a big big hug to NY, stay healthy!

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